Pine trees in Oregon

How Your Stay at SCP Fights Climate Change, One Tree at a Time

From record-breaking temperatures and shrinking ice sheets to increased frequency of natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, it’s clear that climate change has taken a hold of our daily lives. And while we can all do our part in a ...
Writing note of gratitude

How (and Why!) to Write a Gratitude Letter

Soul Community Planet (SCP) fosters a culture of kindness and gratitude that starts with our SCP team and extends to our guests. And if our guests feel compelled to spread those warm feelings, we have an idea: Write someone a ...
Women on Swing in Forest

How to Create a Mindful Moment

Making the World a Better Place - Starting with You In the online Google dictionary, mindful means “conscious or aware of something”. As we consider a Mindful Moment what we are doing is bringing our mindfulness, or our awareness, or ...

Every Stay Does Good

Every time a guest chooses to stay at an SCP Hotel, they become part of a community that is consciously helping to make the world around us a better place.