Welcome to a true field-to-table restaurant offering a locally-grown and locally-sourced dining experience in Central Oregon.  Terra Kitchen was established to nourish soul (wellness), community (local sourcing) and planet (sustainability).

Terra Kitchen's menu is influenced by blue zones and Mediterranean-style Pacific Northwest crops featuring fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, foraged from the region's land and streams, and from SCP Redmond Hotel's very own rooftop garden.

Led by Chef Sean Hulecki, the ever-changing menu guarantees a different culinary experience with each visit.


Join us at Terra Kitchen during our soft opening phase, Wednesday through Saturday from 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm.  Reserve your dining experience below. 

meet our farmers

Terra Kitchen partners with Central Oregon farms to support the burgeoning local food system and bring you the freshest dining experience possible. Our ever-changing menu features grains, fruits, vegetables and crops sourced from the below local organic and regenerative farms.  Take a moment to learn about what’s growing under the Oregon sun.  

Sungrounded Farms

Dedicated to serving local communities, Sungrounded Farms prides itself on producing “local food grown on a human scale.” Food from Sungrounded Farms is tended and harvested by hand on just 1.5 acres of Oregon land. The name Sungrounded comes from the two elements essential to growing food: the Sun, and the Earth. Through organic farming practices, minimal tillage farming and the addition of rich organic matter to natural Oregon soil, Sungrounded Farms supports beneficial local wildlife and preserves the natural watershed.

Rooper Ranch

Grown right here in Redmond, produce from Rooper Ranch is ripened in the High Desert sun and produced without any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Rooper Ranch is dedicated to keeping its environmental impact at a minimum, and accomplishes this through a focus on biodiversity. Through this agricultural biodiversity, Rooper Ranch creates a healthy growing environment for the variety of seasonal plants that provide flavor, color and texture to the dishes served here at Terra.

Deschutes Gourmet Mushrooms

Along the banks of the Deschutes River you’ll find a haven for environmentally friendly and sustainable mush- room farming. Deschutes Gourmet Mushrooms grows a wide variety of unusual and delicious savory mushrooms indoors under carefully monitored conditions to ensure efficiency, eliminate waste, and minimize demand on the local water table. The delicate stems and caps are harvested daily at their peak taste and texture and kept in pristine condition on their short journey from farm to table.

Five Kingdoms Farm

Five Kingdoms Farm is an agricultural cooperative in our neighboring community of Bend. Grown under the Oregon sun and supplied to locals, produce from Five Kingdoms is the result of permaculture and regenerative farming practices. Permaculture is a holistic and intentional approach to farming that aims to create a productive agricultural system with all the diversity, stability and resilience of a natural ecosystem. Through permaculture, Five Kingdoms Farm is reshaping our relationship to the Earth and to the food on our plates.

Hours & Menu

Join us at Terra Kitchen during our soft opening:
Wednesday through Saturday from 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

509 SW 6th St
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 615-8001