Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Join us for an exciting scuba diving journey in partnership with Innoceana, a dedicated organization committed to conservation, research, and education.

Scuba Diving with a Purpose

Our expedition to Caño Island's marine sanctuary opens the door to the captivating underwater world of the Osa Peninsula.

When you dive with us, it's not just about admiring the mesmerizing underwater landscapes; it's a chance to actively participate in marine conservation. You'll have a direct impact on protecting these remarkable environments by engaging in tasks such as collecting data on indicator species, identifying marine life through photos, testing water quality, and monitoring the health of the coral.

Dive deep into the pristine waters and encounter a stunning array of marine wonders, from graceful turtles and elusive octopuses to majestic sharks and delicate seahorses. Immerse yourself in the vibrant coral reef ecosystem as part of an unforgettable journey that transcends mere adventure – it's a mission for a better, more sustainable world.

Innoceana Scuba Diving



$250 per person plus IVA tax.

  • Two dives
  • A certified instructor
  • Dive equipment
  • Biological reserve entrance fees
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Conservation material

6:20 am: Breakfast

7:20 am: Meeting at guide house to try on equipment and receive a brief
lecture about our conservation projects.

8:15 am: Leaving with our comfortable boat and amazing captain towards the
Caño Island Biological Reserve.

9:00 am: Arrival at Caño Island for our first dive.

11:00 am: Second dive at Caño Island.

12:30 am: Leaving Caño Island towards SCP Corcovado Wilderness Lodge.

1:00 am: Lunch on the beach

What to Bring

We recommend bringing the following items if you can:

  • Reef friendly sunscreen
  • Sun protection (i.e. hat)
  • Raincoat
  • Camera
  • Dry bag
  • Towel
  • Binoculars