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Holistic Hospitality

Soul Community Planet (SCP) was founded on the core values of wellness (Soul), kindness (Community) and sustainability (Planet). We provide hand-crafted venues comprising hotels, coworking, restaurants, and fitness.

For those who believe in the power of healthy living, kindness towards others and compassion for the planet, welcome to SCP.

Our Code

  • We strive to make the world around us a kinder, better place

  • We welcome ALL

  • We provide good, clean accommodations at a fair price

  • We offer healthy, fresh plant-centric food and drink

  • We provide top-notch fitness and wellness opportunities

  • We introduce green spaces for working, socializing, and relaxing

  • We reduce waste and become more energy efficient

  • We use more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

  • We create positive experiences

  • We have fun

  • We accept that we will never be perfect, however, we always strive to be better

  • We make a DIFFERENCE

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SCP - "Soul"


We give back to our guests by providing them with the facilities to build healthy minds and bodies through wellness-centered experiences, including guest rooms designed for rest and productivity, areas specifically designed for zen tranquility, and world-class health and fitness options.

  • ECOS earth friendly cleaning products

  • Plant-centric, locally-sourced food and drink

  • SCP FIT workout facilities including The Peloton Bike, TRX and on-demand yoga

  • Clean, fresh, calm, ergonomically designed rooms, including “Peaceful Rooms” designed for rest and relaxation with minimal electronics

  • Sharing positive energy with our guests and the world around us through our well-being partnership with WE


We give back to our internal and external communities through our culture of kindness, and by actively supporting surrounding businesses, schools and cultures.

  • Collaborative workspaces for SCP Members, guests, Digital Nomads and local entrepreneurs

  • Locally sourced foods, supplies and services

  • Enrichment through “Soul Sessions” and “Mindful Mornings”

  • Providing support and kindness to families who need it most through our partnership with Miracles for Kids

SCP - "Community"
SCP - "Planet"


We give back to our planet by continually challenging ourselves to be better stewards of our environment through cleaner operations*, earth-friendly food and beverage, and by planting a tree for each guest who stays with us.

  • Eco-industrial design using environmentally friendly materials

  • Extensive solar arrays, low-energy fixtures and highly efficient operations

  • Low flow fixtures and water efficient native landscaping

  • Full-property recycling programs and our "minimal plastic" policy, which includes no plastic water bottles, straws, bags, plasticware

  • Bringing trees back to unnaturally deforested areas through our One Tree: One Forest program with One Tree Planted

*All sustainability efforts may not yet be available at each hotel location. We are currently pursuing EarthCheck certification, the most rigorous economic, environmental and social benchmarking and certification in the world in a phased approach at each of our hotels.

Every Stay Does Good

Every time a guest chooses to stay at an SCP Hotel, they become part of a community that is consciously helping to make the world around us a better place.

Our Partners

Fueling souls, inspiring community and sustaining the planet.

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Healthy. Kind. Green.